Complete Background Checks and Employment Screening

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Employment and Tenant Screening

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  1. Nationwide Criminal Court Record Search
    Comprehensive and dependable set of data from thousands of court houses across the United States.
  2. Employment Verification
    Confirm applicant's employment history, and search for employers not listed on their resume.
  3. Education and Professional License verification
    In today's competitive work market, exaggeration of educational history is the most common fraudulent occurrence.
  4. Employee References
    Let us research personal and business references to allow your company to concentrate on more appropriate tasks.
  5. Sex Offender Search
    A complete search of the National Sex Offender Register and the state register where the individual resides.
  6. Security Watch List Check
    A list of wanted or potential criminals from 63 national sources
  7. County Criminal Court Record Search
    The most accurate way to check a persons criminal court record history. We start with a search of what counties the person has lived in, and then we conduct a record search at each county.
  8. Federal Criminal Court Record Search
    A complete search of federal criminal court records.
  9. State Criminal Court Record Search
    A statewide criminal court record search of the state the subject resides.
  10. Social Security Number Verification
    A search to verify the social security number was issued, and if anyone else is associated with the number, to include a death record search.