Complete Background Checks and Employment Screening

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Perfection Is In The Small Details
We offer plans for every employment or tenant screening client. Don't see what you need? Ask us and we will design a plan specifically for you.
  1. Comprehensive Criminal Search
    Comprehensive Criminal Search
    This is the most thorough criminal record search we have available, and it is the best way to ensure accuracy. It starts with nationwide criminal court record search, a federal court record search, an address history trace, and a criminal court record search of the counties the subject has lived in the last seven years (or last three counties).
  2. Complete Employee Screening
    Complete Employee Screening
    Let us handle it all! Complete employee screening to include the comprehensive criminal record check, SSN verification, watch list check, employment verification, education verification, and licensing verification.
  3. Tenant Screening
    Tenant Screening
    Our tenant screening package includes the comprehensive criminal record search, bankruptcy search, judgment search, SSN verification, watch list check, and national sex offender check.